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Continuing on from the last volume, Koga-kun had been waiting for Nina's return from Golden Week family holidays in front of their house - so the parents and sister obviously think the two are an item. Nina gets bugged until she invites him to come visit - and she's flabbergasted when he accepts.

When he come, he does his best to make the family believe that he and Nina are in love. The mangaka skillfully directs our believe into thinking that Nina's younger sister, who is pretty mature both in body and in intellect (she goes to the same advanced cram-school as Koga-kun) and much less of a clutzy crybaby than her older sister, starts to fall for Koga-kun himself (and comes onto him).

Koga-kun, who is the subtle trickster par excellence, realised the truth right away and maneouvres Aoi into admitting the truth, heh.

Meanwhile that class-gigolo Junpei does his best to sow doubt into Nina's heart. I much dislike the fact (though find it totally believable) that he started taking in interest in her when she was so openly in love with Koga-kun. He makes her doubt the things she wants to do for Koga as well (like her bento-skills, which aren't that great). Whenever Nina and Koga directly talk to each other (and that's what redeems Koga for me), he manages (probably BECAUSE he is such a skilled manipulator) to get the truth out of her and then makes his feelings about things so clear that even oblivious Nina can't mistake it.

Also, he really values how much she is giving her all in this relationship. And is jealous when it looks like another boy is also friendly with her ^^. Whenever Nina comes out with one of her clear avowals of wanting to be his girlfriend (or with an "I love you" - which she forgot when she asked him to go with her ^^), the mangaka skillfully shows the reader (if not Nina, heh) that it totally gets Koga to an extent he isn't even comfortable with, heh.

I really didn't like, although it was in character, that Koga who is savy to manipulation - was so disappointed in Nina folding in front of a supposedly much more fitting potential girlfriend, that he simply accepted her insecurity and started going off with the girl. On the one hand it leads to Nina rethinking her own needs and standing up for her love in the downpour, on the other hand it leaves her without a shred of pride and on her knees like a beggar. Yes, of course the prince does the grand gesture BUT I REALLY WANTED FOR HIM TO GO HALF THE WAY, especially since he admits in the next chapter that he knew what was going on in her and that other girl :P. Jerk!

To make people interested in buying the next volume, there's a possible true rival for Nina's affection coming up, the university student who was her tutor and first love when she was a girl in elementary school ^^. I hope Koga has to crawl appropriately in the next volume.

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