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GanreSequential Art
Release date 08.03.2010
Pages count192
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Awww! This series is one of the cutest mangas I've read. Things get so violent that you don't even notice how randomly psychotic it is because of its cuteness. The artwork is just gorgeous and I'm still loving the style the style and clothes of all the characters. It's all so cute that I don't even mind that every guy in Wonderland is throwing themselves at Alice. The boy-obsessed girl in me is glad that the majority of the characters are guys. Aside from one or two, they are all gorgeous! Peter is starting to grate on me, but I still like reading about him. He is so super dramatic and constantly declaring his love for Alice in strange ways. Maybe it's just me, but whenever I look at Peter now, I feel vaguely like I'm looking at a manga Harry Potter, which is distracting a bit. I like Blood (haha that sounded weird...I kinda wish he had a different name), but I'm curious to see where his character is heading. He's more aloof and cold than he was in the previous volume.

My all-time favorite boy though is now Elliot. Omigod!! He is just down right ADORABLE!! I have no shame in saying a cartoon guy is hot because Elliot is mega attractive. His bunny ears are just so damn cute! He's hilarious as well. I liked when he got into a fight with everyone at the tea party. He kept trying to convince everyone that he isn't a rabbit, even though he has rabbit ears and is obsessed with carrot-flavored dishes. So funny!

I like that more of a plot is starting to evolve. It was interesting to learn about Julius and his role in the clock tower. The clocks freaked me out a bit, but it was nice for things to start making sense.

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