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My first book gave you three powerful healing protocols plus many supplements to help them work. This book continues where I left off by explaining why they were so powerful. In many cases, when writing the first book, I did not know why, just empirically that they did.

Herein I combine two new branches of healing and science: Methylation Therapies and Quantum Science in a way that most will understand and feel comfortable with. These are the two the most perplexing, yet vital issues in health today, yet only a hand-full of professionals even venture into them. However, no one needs a doctorate or MD to learn how they work. A thorough grasp of them, together with the High Level MSM protocol, that I continue with from my first book, "It's the Liver Stupid" should serve all levels of readers well as they learn to address the most profound healing modalities known.

Methylation Sequencing was born out of the sequencing of the Genetic Code in the late ‘90's. Today, as labs expand their abilities (and it is happening quickly), a few cutting edge professionals actually apply the knowledge in interpreting three cycles in a way that allows us to intelligently supplement various nutrients in our diets so that we can now head off and ward off diseases without the need for drugs and in a targeted manner.

Quantum Science which is really the underlying key to the above allows us to intelligently study the microcellular aspects of health in ways never previously dreamed possible.

This is all backed by powerful video references keyed to each topic. Listen to how Culluar Biologist (and methylation therapy expert), Dr. Bruce Lipton leads you through the actual workings of the cell, then hear Dr. Rob Williams tell you how your awareness, a topic that is key to both this and my first book, can supercharge cellular health. This, as he teaches you how to muscle test (douse) and discover yourself... A technique (with variations) that not only teaches you to hone your instincts, but allows you access to an awareness level never before available to most people.

In reading this and my first book, I invite readers to join me in health related topics in the Yahoo Forum/ Coconut Oil from where the second half of this book was derived.

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