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I've had this book for so long, I'm not sure where I got it.Started reading it for the first time recently because my two-year-old pulled it off the shelf and put it in my lap on a lazy day when we weren't doing much.I was pleasantly surprised when, after reading 2 or 3 pages, I realized I was really interested in learning more about the characters.It moved quickly and easily.

While you realize pretty quickly that things are not quite right between the main characters, and that poor 12-year-old Ann is surely suffering because of it, it takes a little while to realize just how grim Ann's existence really is, and just how sick her mother really is.Then you start to think of all the people in your life who they remind you of, and you feel kind of creepy.Still and all, Ann is a compelling protagonist.

Until about a quarter of the way into chapter 3.This is where things get really disturbing.Ann, who is somewhere between the ages of 9 and 12 begins luring young children to her house, asking them to take off their clothes, and taking pictures of them.She apparently touches them as well.Now I'm not a prude, and I certainly don't believing in burning or banning books, but this is the first time in my life that I've felt like straight-up throwing a book in the trash.This scene, which runs about 3-pages in length, made my skin crawl.I don't really want to continue reading at this point, and am disgusted by what I read to the point that I'm sorry I read it.

I'm quite sure the rest of this book is probably a good read.It is quite dark and depressing, but that's never kept me from enjoying a book.I think this one just crossed my personal comfort line.Kids molesting kids is just too much for me.

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