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Until Celeste came, Penny, Mark and Marigold were very unhappy at school and nobody seemed to notice or really care. Barrie Hunter, the school bully is the cause of their misery.There is something special about Celeste who shows up at Nitshill Road School ‘out of the blue’. The characters all speculate about where she came from, who she is and how she looks, as nobody seems to know.Celeste turns things on their head at school by standing up to the bully and for the children being bullied and draws the attention of the teachers to what is going on.

This book is a dynamic read, with enjoyable splashes of humour and the subject matter creates lots of food for thought and further discussion.

I read this book in Year 3 Guided Reading sessions and found it contained lots of opportunities to ask questions on forming opinions and conclusions from the text.The author’s choice of language is diverse and interesting and provided a good basis for discussion on how the language used can impact on how a text is read.

All in all, although not my favourite Anne Fine book, it is well worth a read.

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