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This is a very sweet rendition of the classic Cinderella story.It tells of a sick father who has three daughters.When he asks them how much they love him the older two daughters say they love him as much as diamonds and gold.All material things.When the youngest daughter Candace is asked she says "I love you more than salt loves meat".Not understanding what she means by this, the father is hurt.He gives all his land to the older daughters and they have Candace banished from the property.Candace meets a witch woman in the swamp.She gives her a beautiful dress made of moss and rags and says anytime she needs her to say gris gris gris gris grine and she will be there for her.
Candace then makes her way to a house near the swamp.It is a home of very wealthy poeple and she becomes a servant there.Later on the young man of the house holds a ball and Candace goes wearing her beautiful moss dress and they fall in love.Finally, she reveals to him that it is her and they are married.At the wedding, the witch woman from the swamp brings her father.He is invited to a dinner in the home and she prepares food for him with no salt.He then remembers her and he is sorry for he now understands what she had said to him about her love for him.
This is a great story that teaches of kindness and understanding.

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