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My feelings about this book can best be summed up in this simple way: "YAAY! HORSIES!HORSIES HORSIES HORSIESHORSIESHORSIES YAY!!!"

I am a huge animal lover and horses are among my favorite.I found this book in a grocery store's paperback section when I was about twelve years old, and my mom, praises be to her, never hesitated to buy me any book I wanted.Just look at the cover!It's a twelve-year-old girl's fantasy coming as close to true as can ever happen!It's got a magnificent Appaloosa with a fancy rainbow mane and tail!He's fighting some kind of spooky fanged/clawed horse!And there are dogs in this book, too!Dogs are rad!YES!!!

I still have that same paperback of The Heavenly Horse.I've never gotten rid of it.I read it several times as a kid, totally engrossed by the characters and the fantasy plot (if you must know: the Appaloosa breed is in danger of dying out, and patron god-horse of Appaloosas is sent to Earth to protect the mare who carries the last of the pure Appy blood.But he gets ideas of his own and steals her from her farm to live in the wild, along with a couple of her friends.Meanwhile, the Satan of Horses sends his lion/horse minion to Earth to kill the Appaloosa god-horse, who is now in a vulnerable mortal form.)It's a solid, fun fantasy plot, with gods warring and mortals caught between them.

Re-reading it as an adult, as I have done several times, diminished my enthusiasm somewhat.The writing is not the best I've ever read, although it's serviceable enough.There are facts about horses that the author got all wrong, and gross improbabilities as well; but my younger self still gets final say on this one.The Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West is a fun, exciting book that's full or HORSES and MORE HORSES, and I still indulge from time to time when I need a familiarly comforting read.

Recommended for horse nuts of all ages!

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