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It was a mundane day filled with errands that was transformed into the most important journey of Andy's life. The struggle with the inner work he had been doing was affecting him on a deep level; however, what he did not know, and would never have imagined, was about to turn his life around. Andy discovered the power of inspired reality and was graced with it throughout a trip that brought a sense of change to his world.
Andy, and his friend Brian, began their journey to a seminar, but found they were traveling a much more important path that was bathed in synchronicity. The heightened states of consciousness they were discovering allowed them to see reality in a new light. This enlightened view was the key that opened the door to the use of the tools a higher developed sense of awareness presented to them.
This book is the first in a series that I believe will touch those who read it on a soul level. It was written using channelings given to the author by his teachers and guides. While the story chronicles the trip they undergo, it is the teachings within it that can open a new awarenes in those who read, and feel, the changes that are being presented to us.
In these pages we are gently guided toward our individual purpose through the passion we feel. It helps redirect us around the obstacles that we have found along our path; and it allows us to see the experience we are undergoing in a clear way. Andy, Brian, and the group that develops, provide us with a new awareness that will either cement the belief system one holds; or open doors to help develop a new found truth.
The loving wisdom that these loving teachers and guides presented to me have helped me find a sense of peace and belonging I did not perceive before I was blessed with their messages. I am humbled and honored, to be able to share these with you in this series.
The meaning of the words in this book may differ from one reader to another; however, I do believe the message of oneness included in it, will bring a degree of inspiration to all. We are all in this together; and together we can bring enlightened reality to our world. All we really have to do is pay attention to the inner knowing we possess, open the door to the new awareness we are gaining, and step through the threshold to the oneness that is the truth of our being.

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