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What is the mysterious connection between the Mound People of the Mississippi Valley and the ancient Mayans of the Yucatan Peninsula? What is the common interest of Kulkucan (Mayan Serpent God) at Chich'en Itza and the effigy Serpent Mound in southern Ohio?

Having earned a free round-trip ticket of being bumped from her eastern- bound flight, the author chooses the furthest point from Seattle the airline flies - Northern Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, via Cancun. With backpack in place and informed by Lonely Planet, she barters with taxi drivers, boards local buses, and journeyed her way across the peninsula. Surviving on a slim budget, she encounters the local culture, including dark Mayan hot chocolate. In her journal, she describes the ancient Ball Court at Chich'en Itza where play and victory could mean the difference between life and death. Descending by rope ladder into damp caverns of the earth, she slides into the dark waters of sacred cenotes (bathing/swimming holes). She becomes part of a traveler's scam when she desires to take home gifts from the market place. On the 13th day of her trip, she places fins on her feet and a snorkel mask to her breathing, jumps overboard, and swims again the current with a feeding whale shark.

With sketch and journal, she records her daily encounters and comes to understand the beauty in tiny Mexican villages. She speculates on the connection between early Mayan Peoples to the Mound Builders of Ohio.

Come along. Travel with the author and share a tasty and fascinating adventure to the Northern Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

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