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This book felt mostly like set-up, without a whole lot of an internal plot.Since this is book one of a three part series, this is probably not much of a surprise.

The premise:Early on, Voyager encountered a small wormhole and made contact with a Romulan scientist on the far side.Unfortunately, they discovered that the wormhole not only connected the Delta Quadrant with the Alpha Quadrant, but it jumped through time as well.The Romulan, named Telek, lived 20 years in Voyager's past.In this book, the Romulan Empire has decided to use Telek and his research to find and capture Voyager, hoping to use the advanced technology on Voyager to gain the upper hand in the Alpha Quadrant.They have also sought the aid of a group of aliens called Shepherds, who have the ability to manipulate dark matter, giving the Romulans cloaking devices that are impenetrable.

But the Shepherds are not what they seem, and as Janeway and crew begin to discover why wormholes are opening up around them, steadily getting closer, they find themselves contaminated by some type of altered dark matter.It's invading their bodies and the ship, creating medical issues that the Doctor can't resolve and crashing systems all over.When Telek tries to warn them of the Romulan plans, Janeway is forced to beam him to Voyager to save him.But he brings with him only more questions.

In order to find the answers, Janeway must find the Shepherds in the Delta Quadrant . . . or Voyager and its crew will succumb to the mutated dark matter.

Again, this seems mostly like the set-up of the rest of the plot, with lots of questions being asked and not many answers being found.The main plot is intriguing, and I especially like the connections made with the previous episode and that continued story line, but mostly I found the currently disparate plot threads difficult to follow.Some things appear to be just randomly thrown in (like the disappearing/reappearing planet, and the alien woman who pops up out of nowhere), but I assume that everything will make sense once I read the other two books.That said, it was hard to enjoy the main plot here (which was the mutate dark matter infecting the ship) when these side plots kept getting in the way.I felt they should have been more subtly worked into the story.

In any case, I'm reading book two now and hope that all of the separate threads start coming together soon.

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