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There is a new generation of rabbits living in the Bruneau sand dune desert near Boise, Idaho. Miracles happen. Magic water and the new digital frequency enable the rabbits to grow tall and speak perfect English. Mr. Mayor, a flashy dressed six-feet-tall character, watches over his town and residents of New Jack Rabbit City. When an egotistical Chicago hare gangster named Caponey comes to town to drink up the magic water, grow big, and head back to Chicago to rule the streets, Mr. Mayor must deal with him and the rest of the South-Sider gang. A greedy cattle rancher and a couple cowboys stir up trouble, too, when they drive a tanker in to "suck the magic spring dry," so all the cows can become giant-size and bring in more profits. So it's up to the Mayor and all of his helpers to save the day. Thanks to Abby, an inquisitive eight year old, a human family stumbles across NJRC, too. When Abby leads her Uncle Mike, brother, Zach, and their two dogs, Eggy and Nasty, to meet the Mayor, magical days and altered realities happen. They can't believe what a difference a day makes! It's a wonderland tale, one for the storybooks. Let the human family who lived the adventure share it with you. Welcome to New Jack Rabbit City!

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