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Reading "Photography" by Martin W. Sandler, you learn about the history of the camera. Sandler concludes that the camera, invented in the 19th century has hugely impacted our daily lives today. I agree with Sandler's point of view and conclusion because we use the camera everyday.
Doctors use it as technology, families use it to collect memories, and today it is used in almost every occupation. You learn how George Eastman not only invented the camera, but he placed photography in millions of hands (Sandler 21).
I would recommend this book because I found it very interesting and fascinating. I liked this book because within the nine chapters, Sandler tells you about the history. For example there is a chapter that is dedicated to onlyportraits.
Some strengths are the fun facts and unique information. But a weakness is that the chapters are a bit too long with lots ofinformation. I thought Martin W. Sandler executed the writing in this book very well. This sort of genre would of been hard to write, especially gathering the information and putting it into categories.
"Photography" definitely made me think because I had to relate life back in the 19th century to present day.
Some questions I was left with was, what would of happened if George Eastman never invented the camera? How would our lives been different if the invention never of occurred? Would the smart phones been created differently without the camera app?
If you like photography and want to read a book about the history and the huge impact in our lives today, then this book is perfect for you!

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