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Vidosav Stevanović, novelist, story-writer, poet, playwright and publicist. He has signed over thirty literary pieces of art, a political biography of Slobodan Milošević, numerous essays and various pieces of writing. Stevanović used to write for European newspapers such as Le Monde, Liberation, El Pais and Expressen. After having completed primary and secondary education in Kragujevac he went to study in Belgrade in 1961. Initially he studied dental medicine and then literature. But he left quickly the academic world in order to dedicate himself completely to the real literature. I did not consider it as a profession but as a vocation, a skill that replaces religion, politics and real life.

After the publication of his first collection of stories (The scum of death, Prosveta, 1969), Vidosav Stevanović becomes, in the esthetical, intellectual and stylistic sense one of the most important and prominent creatures on the Yugoslav literary scene. At the same time, he wins, in the eyes of the Belgrade gossipers, a reputation of the enfant terrible and the politicians started to persecute the insolent dark-waver. Given that the young writer destroyed the myth about the carefree life in the country of self-management, he was brought in the court trial which lasted six years. He was neither released nor condemned: the trial simply expired. During those six years the young writer lived in isolation from the public.

Vidosav Stevanović is the founder of a new literary movement known as fantastic realism. He was persecuted, denied but at the same time appreciated, adored and occasionally rewarded. In the early eighties Vidosav ruled the famous Belgrade publishing houses BIGZ and Prosveta. In the later eighties and in the beginning of nighttimes, when the communism closing stages were replaced by the nationalism, unlike the majority of Serbian writers, Vidosav Stevanović refused to join Milosevic and his program. Gathering a small group of supporters, he founded Independent Yugoslav Writers (1989), Liberal Forum (1990) and The Belgrade Circle (1991). He was soon forced to leave Serbia, to run away via Greece and find exile in France. While being a constant target of Belgrade propaganda in Serbia under Milošević’s regime – his works nowhere to be found, either one looked for them in bookstores, libraries or school curricula – he was becoming a popular writer in France. His books have been reprinted and translated, and the fact that he was given a knighthood medal in the order of arts and literature (Chevalier de L'ordre des Arts et des Lettres) accounts for the popularity of his literary work. Vidosav interrupted his exile in France for a few months to work as a director of the Radio-Television Kragujevac, conquered during the massive demonstrations in Serbian cities in 1996 and 1997. In 2004 he left France and moved to Sarajevo, where he worked as culture adviser in the town governorship. Since 2007. Vidosav Stevanović has been living and working in his house in the village of Botunje, near Kragujevac . The City of Kragujevac and Koraci Press are publishing his Complete Works in 15 volumes, thus ending the tradition of censorship that was in force for over twenty years. Last year. together with a group of his readers and students of his creative writing school, he opened the Club Vidosav, an association of citizens which aim is to promote various media activities (organizing literary evenings, exhibitions, concerts, book promotions, creative writing school and musical school).

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