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eBook formatHardcover, (torrent)En
PublisherLinnet Books
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Release date 01.04.1999
Pages count125
Book rating4.3 (10 votes)
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Grade/interest level: Middle school (6th-8th grade)
Reading level: None available but because of amount of text and content around 7th grade
Genre: Traditional literature, Multicultural literature

Main Characters: various Indian girls and women
Setting: various locations in India
POV: 3rd person narration

This book is a collection of stories taken from Indian history as well as Indian mythology. All stories tell of the struggle and dire circumstances that one particular female character was faced with and shows how she overcame. Some of the situations the characters are in are quite tramatic and terrible but eventually through their strength and wisdom the character wins in the end. One story was of a demon named Mahisha and he asked the gods for eternal life. When they said they could not give him that, Mahisha made them promise that his life would only end at the hands of a woman because he thought that no woman would ever be able to do him harm. Mahisha went off and wreaked havoc on the town and started doing the same to the land of the gods. The gods had had enough and decided to make a woman to destroy Mahisha. She had a thousand arms and the power of the gods with her. Her name was the goddess Durga. Mahisha remembered the promise he had been given by the gods and he sent his army to attack Durga but she prevailed. There was a giant battle between the two and finally Durga won.
I would use this book in the upper grade classroom to do several things. One is to introduce students to Indian culture which is not often a part of the standard curriculum. Another is to give alternative examples of folklore and mythology and have students create their own myths. Finally I like that this book gives girls a sense of strength and power which can be really helpful in a classroom with girls ready to go on to highschool.

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