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The Road to Recovery is designed to embrace the topic of addictions in every form of self expression. There are many recovery programs in the world and we applaud any model that provides freedom from addictions. (Caveat: The authors of this book are not psychologists, psychiatrists, philosophers or otherwise experts in mental health/illness.

We are the innovators of Architectural Redirection and have tested this model in all areas of life to prove its scientific value. The assertion herein is that psychologists, philosophers, and psychiatrists would have minds structured as we’ve demonstrated throughout this book.

Architectural Redirection is an educational and ontological model for transforming one’s understanding of how the mind is structured and how to transition through the various levels of thinking that lead to freedom from addictive thinking ... that is the underpinning of addictive behaviors.

We describe that freedom as ‘being in the zone’ where the mind is no longer a barrier to performance and fear is replaced by love. ITZ Corp does not limit the application of Architectural Redirection to any single area of life since it's universal in its application. It is not a psychological, philosophical or psychiatric model since it’s based on the principles of ontology; the study of the nature of being or reality.

This book intends to show HOW the mind is structured and how to apply Architectural Redirection to transition through the various levels of thinking to gain freedom from childhood beliefs that are no longer useful for living with freedom. It may surprise you to KNOW that we've been writing about The CURE for Positive Thinking for more than thirty years. This book promises to distinguish the difference between THINKING and KNOWING how your mind is structured and how to deliberately transition from outdated beliefs and superstitions into a more empowering way of being in the present moment or what we refer to as 'the zone'.

If you're tired of putting a positive spin on your life and you're ready to get beyond your addictive thinking and behavior then this book promises to open up new possibilities for living with freedom from addictions.

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