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I'll never know whether it was the homage as apology that prefaced this book which coloured my reaction to it.My suspicion, however, is that it played a minor role.

I dug out the two preceding books and rifled through each after I finished The Ascension Factor.Rather fearfully, in fact.I was hoping that my memory of both justified the five star ratings I'd given, simultaneously sad that the premise set up in the series should have come to such a dismal end, and worried that in actuality The Jesus Incident and The Lazarus Effect were as poorly written and trite as The Ascension Factor.

One of the things which reportedly frustrates people about Herbert is his prose.He doesn't explain his meaning - the reader must sift through clues, piece together snippets, hold multiple abstract concepts simultaneously in sight.He does not elucidate beyond a chapter quote that teases a direction of thought.It was this brilliance that was most clearly, and quite painfully, missing from The Ascension Factor.The n-dimensional perspectives that Herbert brings to his work, the nuanced meaning and cryptic references to ideas that entice groping towards understanding, were wholly absent.This book was void (pardon the pun) of Herbert's ability to interweave themes through subtlety and inference.

So talking about the plot is a bit of a farce.It all went . . . nowhere.It didn't finish on a note of grand vision or even abstruse complexity.It was a let-down of quantum proportions.

To be fair to the real author of this work, which is not Frank Herbert but Bill Ransom, who in their right mind would want the thankless task of trying to put pen to the path blazed by Herbert?A brave soul, indeed, if a well-meaning and somewhat foolhardy one.

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