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Are you a healthy eater?
In today’s society there are endless health professionals all telling us what we should and shouldn’t eat, but very few of them ever seem to agree with each other! The nutritional minefield that has arisen from significant discrepancies in scientific research can be confusing and frustrating to navigate. Just how do you ‘eat healthily’? Should you be cutting out all carbs, or just some? Should you swear off meat? Or dairy? Should you eat only leafy green veg or subsist purely on pulses? No one seems to have a definitive answer.

Who should I believe?
Ben Hirshberg, a self-confessed health nerd, sets out to address the problem of navigating this healthy eating minefield in Traditional Nutrition. Through the examination of the research of Weston A. Price and revelations from the Blue Zones, Hirshberg brings a refreshingly open-minded and honest approach to both diet and lifestyle. He investigates common factors between communities where disease is low and life expectancy is high. He introduces us to eleven distinct populations, all of which have a great deal to teach regarding the correlation between lifestyle and health.

Hirshberg goes above and beyond a simple focus on diet, extrapolating other common factors highlighted in his research that can offer simple lessons on how we can increase our health and general wellbeing without searching for Superfoods, or the latest diet ‘fad.’ He takes a step back from the mass of different diets available, and highlights a wonderfully simple, ‘common sense’ approach, which is backed up by beautifully presented research on nourishing traditions across the globe.

So what’s the answer?
The answer, quite simply, is that there is no one diet that is a best-fit for everyone. Hirshberg isn’t out to force a particular food into all our diets, nor does he want to stop us eating anything we enjoy. Instead, he presents a balanced and thoughtful look at the eating habits of some of the healthiest peoples on the planet, and celebrates the variety discovered: “The fact that the healthiest people in the world all eat differently means that we have flexibility in what we can eat.”

To find out more about that flexibility, and see what simple changes you can make to your own diet and lifestyle to increase your health and longevity, start reading Traditional Nutrition today. Available on Kindle and as a paperback.

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