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Interesting from a historic standpoint

The personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant Volume 1 is very much an insightful look at Grant 's rise to prominence. His ability to strategize despite how unorthodox it may have been during the war and his enduring loyalty to the Union are immense factors to his meteoric rise in the army. There are groves of personal information about Grant's upbringing that I find incredibly interesting and essential to understanding his character. This memoir, his first, mostly elaborates on the multiple battles that took place in the western half of the United States until it ends with the capitulation of Vicksburg in 1863. I am not much of an armchair general and do not find the plans and multiple tactics that Grant describes in such great length, roughly more than two-thirds of the book, to be completely fascinating; I find it a bit cumbersome if anything. Overall, this work is a treasure for those who are remotely interested in the American Civil war in general or captivated by a great American historical figure that truly believed in the cause of the Union.

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