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Ok, The Rescuers Down Under. Let's get started.

So most people know the beginning of the Disney Renaissance right? The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, and so forth. Until Tarzan.

Actually, that is incorrect.

Between The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast there came out another film that most people haven't seen or don't know it exists and that's The Rescuers Down Under. Before Disney hit its stage to make bad sequels to some of its best films, this one is probably the first movie that decided to continue the story of one of the films before Disney's Renaissance period.

Of the movies to choose to make a sequel, it's interesting on why they decided to do this one. This is probably the only Disney sequel that is really good. Except for the Toy Story trilogy. But moving on, let's look at the story.

There is a little boy in Australia who discovers a huge golden eagle caught in a trap who also happens to be the last of her kind. So he frees her from a trap and then gets captured by a poacher who demands the boy to tell him where the eagle is. This grabs the attention of the Rescue Aid Society in New York where we once again see Bernard and Miss Bianca and they decide to take the mission. Instead of meeting Orville from the first film they meet a bird named Wilbur. Orville and Wilbur . . . OH! hahahahahahahahah I get it!

Anyway, they get to Australia and they are assisted by this kangaroo mouse named Jake who tries to put the moves on Miss Bianca. That's interesting because throughout the story, Miss Bianca doesn't know that Bernard is trying to propose to her. But he keeps getting interrupted by Jake who is constantly flirting with her. You just can't help but feel sorry for this guy. All Bernard wants to do is pop the question but he keeps getting interrupted and . . . awwwwwwww. Poor guy.

The villain is great. He's funny, he's cruel, and he's just a real nasty villain. His pet lizard Joanna, is also a lot of fun. She's funny and even though she's one of the only animals who don't talk, there's still a lot of character to her. She loves eggs. She attacks things and gets in trouble because of it. She's also really fun.

The animation in the movie is just awesome. The scenes with the boy and the golden eagle flying is just so good! When the boy, Cody, frees the eagle she could just take him to the nest and that's it. But instead we get an intense fall off a cliff, soaring through the clouds, skiing on a waterfall, and a lot of other good stuff. I mean. H-O-L-Y COW.

This may not be a fairy tale, or have any magic but who cares? It's a great adventure. If you haven't seen the movie then go see it. On Netflix or rent it. It is freaking good.

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