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The year is 2060, and women have been struggling for fifty years to find a cure for the virus that attacked the Y chromosome and obliterated the male population. With the careful management of sperm banks, women have kept the human race alive and achieved a multi-racial society. A genetic amendment of the Y chromosome has enabled experimental groups of boy babies to survive. Now young men sequestered from civilization are slowly beginning to emerge, challenging society to rethink gender equity.

In the rich tradition of feminist writers, Janette Rainwater draws on current events as she envisions a future with a powerful and provocative new world order.

""2060" joins the post-apocalyptic genre of Doris Lessing and Ursula Le Guin. Janette Rainwater shows us the resiliency of human nature and the power of free thought and caring communities to sustain our species." -Sharon Melnick Chinook, MD

"Janette Rainwater's got it all-up-to-the-minute political savvy and the human insight of a career psychologist, plus panache, wit, and charm." -Alicia Bay Laurel, author and illustrator of "Living on the Earth"

"Not only is this a delightful read, it is food for thought as we all face other potential world crises." -Cyndy Sheldon, gestalt psychotherapist

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