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For many years, educators of young children have emphasized the importance of “learning by doing.” The premise has been that students who are actively engaged in the learning process do better in school than those students who are merely passive participants. At the same time, the idea of “learning by listening” has received little attention.

Educators are now beginning to realize that effective listening, especially in the early years, is dependent upon the inter-relationship of three activities: speaking, listening and doing. Before students can “do,” they must have opportunities for intake of information and ideas usually attained from someone who is speaking. Conversely, every act of speaking implies listening, and the ensuing intake of knowledge is necessary for any creative activity of self-expression.

Listening today, as a general skill, is difficult. The overall decibel level of myriad sounds that surround us has increased to the point of a health hazard. Television, a fascination for most children, has not promoted the habit of attentive listening. Rather, either it has excited students in ways that have been detrimental to learning, or it has mesmerized them into passivity.

Since there are many reasons for skill in listening, young children must form the “habit” of listening attentively early in life. Waiting to learn listening skills in school is too late. Actually, even as adults, how well people succeed often depends a great deal on how well they listen, and that is dependent upon how much they have been exposed to the various functions of listening as children.

Increasingly, the ability to listen to each other is a skill desirable for both interpersonal and international cooperation. In schools, discriminating listening is a requisite for success – academically, athletically, socially and creatively. Listening is the basic element of all communication skills, for it is one thing to speak but quite another to follow through upon what someone else is saying. The skill of listening must be given more intensive attention than ever before in the history of education.

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