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Find a better accounting book. There are some aspects of this book that I like: there are lots of diagrams and examples to help you through the details. There are some glaring faults, however. Most notably, the book does not take a rigorous approach to how to treat the signs on numbers. In some cases, they add a negative number, and in some, they subtract a positive number. One might imagine that this all comes out the same in the end, but the accountants out there will know this isn't true at all. There is a single correct way, and it is explained, but it's done in such a confusing way that I was more than half-way through before I figured it out.

On a related issue, I have a complaint about the way the publisher handles some of the materials. Many of the problems at the end of the chapters include nuances not discussed in the text. And, somehow, we're supposed to figure it out because I can't purchase an answers book. They give no answers to problems in the book, so it's up to my instructors to provide answers to a few questions. Those accountants reading this review will all know that the only way to learn accounting is through practice. And this policy makes practice pretty hard.

Finally, the publisher provides slides for our instructors to use during lectures. While this is nice in some ways, it means that we get the same murky explanations for everything, both in class and in the reading. Chances are, if you didn't understand the reading, you're no better off for having attended the lecture.

All in all, a very disappointing book. I hope that you find a better book: one with consistent explanations and the answers to some (maybe half) of the practice problems. Oh, and I hope you find something that's available in ebook format. I'm really sick of hauling this dead tree around.

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